Unlock the artist in you

Do you know the difference between the artist that creates photographic art and the average person who takes snapshots? Is it the camera? The accessories? Secret tricks, known only to the professionals?

The truth is, tools can make a difference, and yes... there are techniques to be learned, but it just might be that the greatest difference is in the eye and the heart of the artist.


Uncover Your Artist's Eye

PhotoPoetica Artist Development
Workshops will:

  • Teach you to see the world in a new way
  • Open up new and exciting photography venues that others blindly pass by
  • Help you get the most out of the tools you have
  • Guide you concerning how you might expect to gain from better tools
  • Reveal the top tricks and techniques professional photographers rely on to create photo masterpieces

Call for more information:

Greg Silsby • PhotoPoetica
(425) 387-0628

PhotoPoetica workshops come in several style possibilities, from classroom-based to hands-on field work and critique. Plus, you'll learn basic editing techniques, with an emphasis on what you can do with low-cost or free software.

Our workshops are affordable, and are designed for small groups—perfect for seniors, young people and families.

All you need to bring is a digital camera. Whether you
are wanting to get the most out of your compact camera, or master that new DSLR, you'll go home with techniques that will have you surprising your friends and family with your photographic expertise.